Hate breaking in a fresh footwear? Gucci do the filthy work for you using its new “Screener” sneaker.

The developer company is offering $870 men’s and the female shoes which have been “treated for a great all-over troubled effect, ” that provides all of them the appearance of worn-in tennis shoes.

The brand new leg techinques are called the “Screener” and can be found in three diverse color choices for men - green and orange, reddish and renewable, and green and orange colored - and two for ladies, green and orange and strawberry printing, the latter which checks in actually larger in $980.


Based on the website’s explanation, the footwear style was inspired simply by  “vintage sportswear” and “classic trainers from the ’70s.”

“The Screener tennis shoes - called for the protective sports activities move -- feature the net stripe privately and retro Gucci logo design, treated intended for an cosmopolitan distressed impact, ” the web site reads.

And even though the shoes already look worn and dirty, Gucci provides very specific cleaning instructions in case actual dirt ever got on the high-priced pair.

“Clean when the shoe is dry, using only neutral or same-color products to avoid staining,” the instructions read. “Should the material become wet, dry it with a soft, dry cloth.”